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Electronic Invoice Management Service

Research Shows

"Companies that rely on traditional invoicing, payment and financing practices, which are burdened by many inefficient, manual tasks, will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage to companies that have automated the process and can therefore better manage their spend and vendor relations at all levels."

Paystream Advisors Inc.

Benefits of Extended EIM Services

Pandell AP is the only A/P workflow automation solution that offers extended EIM services to ensure your transition from paper to automation is smooth and painless.

It starts with a FREE supplier match

Almost 10,000 member suppliers are already onboard, sending electronic invoices through a supplier portal. Our team will match that list of suppliers against your master vendors list to find out who you already work with. Companies working in major O&G areas in Canada and the US typically return a 60-80% match.

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We onboard the rest
of your suppliers

Unlike other invoice automation providers, our team contacts your vendors that aren’t already onboard and gets them onboard. Vendor setup, user training, and ongoing contact administration are all done for you. For those straggler invoices that aren’t electronic, an invoice processing center can either scan them in or enter them electronically.

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Guaranteed to meet your A/P specs

Working with our EIM team, you will be able to tailor your vendor’s invoice templates to directly correspond to the accounts payables specifications you define. Your vendor’s “digital workbench” contains required data fields and master file data validations to ensure complete vendor info and AFE numbers are included for you.

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Integrate with Financial & AFE Systems

System integration reduces errors, saves time, and increases transparency across the enterprise. Our Pandell AP System Integrations Team happens to do it best. Reap the benefit of seamless workflow and better spending analyses by having our team provide expert integration among your A/P, financial, and AFE management systems.

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